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Things that you should know about clarity enhanced diamonds

Diamonds are equipped with their own beauty. Whether diamonds are put through special treatments or are in the natural state, they can be considered as a lovely type of gem. Diamonds can be divided into several categories and Clarity Enhanced Diamonds hold a prominent place out of them. In fact, the popularity of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds is increasing day by day. Many people prefer to use these diamonds in their jewelry items such as pendants, bracelets and rings.

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds? Enhanced Diamonds can simply be defined as the diamonds that have gone through one of the two procedures that are done in order to enhance the clarity feature. The two procedures that are being used to increase the clarity of diamonds are fracture filling and laser drilling. During the fracture filling procedure, a clear substance is being used to fill all the cracks that can be seen inside a diamond. The main objective of this procedure is to eliminate all the cracks that can be seen in a diamond and make it look smooth. When it comes to laser drilling, a tiny hole is being drilled into the gemstone until it reaches the interior part of it. This has the potential to drill out all the inclusions and marks that can be seen in the interior of the diamond. Both these procedures make a diamond appear to be of superior clarity.

Out of the above mentioned procedures, laser drilling is the most common method that is being used when making Clarity Enhanced Diamonds. If you want a Clarity Enhanced Diamond, you will not be able to predict what procedure it has gone through as both these methods have the potential to deliver the same output.

Plenty of reasons are there for the people to spend their money to purchase Clarity Enhanced Diamonds. They are priced more reasonably than the diamonds that are in natural state. If you are looking to save few additional bucks when purchasing diamond jewelry, it is a wide idea to go for clarity enhanced diamonds. The clarity enhanced diamonds are equipped with a glamorous look and you cannot simply walk away from it. Therefore, you would love to have these diamonds in your jewelry.

Most of the diamonds that are in natural state are equipped with some form of inclusions. Even though you cannot see it with naked eye, you will be able to notice these inclusions clearly with magnification. If a specific diamond has inclusions, it cannot be classified as an “eye clean” diamond. The clarity enhancement process that is mentioned in this article can be used to make it an eye clean diamond. That is done by eliminating all the inclusions or making them less visible even under magnification. There is a huge demand for these diamonds in the modern world and the popularity of them is increasing day by day.


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