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Polished Diamond

Precious gemstones such as diamonds are being cut and polished by the jewelers to enhance their beauty. The natural state of diamonds does not look so spectacular, but their look can be enhanced by polishing. That’s why some people consider the diamonds in natural state as a luminous grey pebble. The inherent qualities that can be found in these diamonds make it possible to look them beautiful. The process of enhancing the diamonds that can be found in natural state is known as polishing. You can get polished diamonds at the end of this process. Keep on reading this article to learn more about diamond polishing and know about the process in detail.

The process of cutting and polishing natural state diamonds is known as lapidary. People who are engaged with this process are called as lapida or gem cutters. Cutting a diamond can be dividing into three main phases. They include splitting the diamond, cutting it and polishing. First of all, the rough diamond will be given to a splitter and he will be provided with the task of determining the future of this stone. In other words, it is the splitter who determines how the diamond should be shaped so that it delivers a brilliant effect while retaining the utmost weight.

After determining the future of this gemstone, it will be passed to a cutter. Then the cutter will use his expertise to give a definite form to the diamond. He will take care of the task of providing the desired shape to the diamond. This is a complicated process and it involves removing all the rough marks that are left on the surface of the diamond by coarser grits. Then the diamond will be sent to a polisher to make it look elegant. Usually, a polisher will polish the diamond to a mirror like finish, which helps it to achieve light reflection from the interior of the stone.

Even though people play a major role behind the cut and polish process of a diamond, it is the natural form of this gemstone, which determines its final state. In other words, the diamond needs to be polished so that it doesn’t lose its value. Different cut and polish methods are being used by people and round cuts can be considered as the most popular one out of them. This cut and polish method has the potential to deliver the greatest possible brilliance to any diamond while achieving minimum weight loss. In fact, a standard round brilliant cut of a diamond consists of about 58 polished facets.

It takes a lot of time than you expect for the people to complete the cut and polishing process. Sometimes, it will take even few years for a gem cutter to give life to a polished diamond. The time that will take depends on the type of diamond as well. For example, African diamonds are hard to cut and polish. Polishing diamonds require a lot of skill and it is being practiced from generation to generation. It is always better to have a clear understanding about this process before purchasing polished diamonds from the market for your jewelry.


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