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The raw beauty of rough diamonds

Diamonds can be defined as one of the most loved gemstones available out there. These diamonds can be divided into several categories. When you hear the word diamond, a picture of a well cut and polished gemstone will come to your mind. However, the usage of diamond jewelry went through several changes during the past few years and now there’s a huge demand for rough cut diamonds.

Diamonds that are being used when manufacturing jewelry are usually in their natural state. In other words, these jewelries are not polished and cut. Instead, they can be seen in their original shape and you will be able to see the natural frosty coating that is created on the surface. If you love the natural look of diamonds, you would love to have these rough diamonds in your jewelries. Champagne or brown colored diamonds look best when they are in rough state. Therefore, they have a huge demand from the people than other diamond types.

Usage of rough diamonds cannot be defined as a brand new idea. In fact, people have been using them as a fashion accessary from the past. It has also been identified that rough diamonds have been cherished for thousands of years by the royalty. Modern world jewelers value rough jewelries for their raw beauty. They look best when combined with polished ones. Since rough diamonds are equipped with a distinct blend of textures, they look different from the others. This difference can easily be used to create truly distinct necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.

With the increasing popularity for rough diamonds, people tend to use them for their jewelries. However, it is not an easy task to shop for jewelries that are made out of these beautiful diamonds. It is harder to find rough diamond jewelries than cut and polished ones. You will not be able to find jewelries that are made with rough diamonds in average chain jewelry shops. You might have to visit a jeweler that specializes in providing rough diamond jewelries. If you go online, it is somewhat easy to find rough diamond jewelries. However, you need to be careful when purchasing expensive jewelries online and you should only stick to reputed marketplaces. 

The grading method for rough diamonds is different from the method that is being used for cut and polished ones. Therefore the 4Cs cannot be applied for rough diamonds as their clarity and cut cannot be determined specifically. There isn’t any specific method available out there for the modern world people to classify rough diamonds. However, trained jewelers have the ability to judge their quality after examining, but they are in a position to provide a standard certification for them. Even though there isn’t a standardized method to grade rough jewelries, people tend to spend their money to purchase them because of their perceived value and rare beauty.


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