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What is diamond clarity?

Diamonds can simply be defined as one of the most precious and expensive gemstones out there. These gemstones are judged on a scale, which consists of four different qualities. These qualities are also known as 4 Cs and they include carat, color, clarity and cut. From this article, we will let you know about one of those four qualities, the diamond clarity.

What is diamond clarity?

Diamond clarity can simply be defined as the internal characteristics of the diamond and its overall appearance. In other words, a flawless diamond is equipped with a superior clarity. The most flawed diamond types are provided with an F rating because of their excellent clarity. From the recent studies, it has been identified that many people who are shopping for diamonds pay special attention towards the clarity. Even though flawless diamonds are considered top of the line, the ones that have a clarity rating of S12 look same to the flawless diamonds to naked eye. Only a professional in the industry can detect the inclusions in the gemstone with the help of magnification.

Why diamond clarity is important?

There is a strong relationship between the overall quality of the diamond and clarity. In fact, clarity is one of the four key factors that determine the quality of a diamond. If a specific diamond has large dimensions and a unique shape, but does not have good clarity, it will not be considered as a good quality diamond. Different inclusions cause a diamond to have a less than adequate clarity. If the diamond is not equipped with a good clarity factor, it cannot be sold at a higher price.

What are diamond clarity grades?

Diamond clarity grade defines the overall quality of a diamond. It is different from the cut grade and you can easily understand the difference between different grades.

  • F/ Flawless – This grade is provided for the diamonds that do not have internal or external flaws.

  • IF/ Internally Flawless – Diamonds that have a small number of blemishes and no inclusions are provided with this rating.

  • VVS1 and VVS2/ Very Very Slightly Included – Diamonds that have few inclusions are classified into this grade. These inclusions cannot be seen by the naked eye and only gemologists can detect them with 10x magnification.

  • VS1 and VS2/ Very Slightly Included – Diamonds where internal flaws cannot be detected with 10x magnification are classified into this category.

  • SI1 and SI2/ Slightly Included – If the inclusions of a diamond can easily be seen under 10x magnification, they are grouped into this category.

  • I1, I2 and I3/ Included – The diamonds where inclusions are visible to the naked eye are grouped into this category.

What diamond clarity grade has the best value?

Diamonds with VS1 and VS2 ratings have the best value. You cannot see the flaws of these diamonds with naked eye and they can be used for aesthetic purposes without any hesitation. They are marked at a lower price tag when compared to diamonds with a clarity grade VVS1/VVS2 or higher.

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