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Diamond Color

Diamonds can be defined as precious gemstones that have their own beauty. You can find gemstones in all colors and shapes. In fact, the color of the diamonds has played a major role behind their popularity. From this article, we will let you know about the different colors that can be seen in diamonds that are available out there.

Are you aware about the 4Cs of diamonds? The 4Cs that are associated with diamonds include diamond color, diamond clarity, diamond carat size and diamond cut. As you can see, color holds a prominent place out of the aspects that can be seen in a diamond. You can find diamonds in any color that you can imagine. In other words, you can see colorless and clear diamonds to the deepest black diamonds. That’s why people say that it is possible to obtain diamond in all the colors of the rainbow. Diamonds which have the Christmas colors, i.e. green and red are the rarest to find. Usually, these rare colored diamonds are associated with fetch record prices.

The color of diamond is determined prior to mounting it. During this determination process, the diamonds are being observed as a loose stone under very strict lightning circumstances. It is important to go through this process before categorizing diamonds based on their color. In fact, all the master diamonds are equipped with a specific determined color value. Here is a scale that determines the color of the diamond and classifies them into the respective master groups.

  • I-J – These are nearly colorless diamonds. In other words, the color is slightly detectable in these diamonds.

  • G-H – All the nearly colorless diamonds are categorized into this scale.

  • F – If they detect a slight color in a diamond, it will be classified under this scale.

  • E – If minute traces of color can be detected in a diamond, it will be classified under this.

  • D – The colorless diamonds are categorized into this scale. They can be considered as the best diamond out of all.

Having a clear idea about the colors of diamonds, now you need to determine what colors are perfect for you. You need to pay your attention towards few factors before you determine the perfect color for you. For example, you need to think about the colors that you wear often, colors that are most efficient or rarest and the diamonds that are popular among people at the moment. There are some people who prefer to move around with unique diamond colors. It will assist them to stand out from the daily attire. On the other hand, there are some people who prefer to move with the most popular diamond colors at the moment. During the recent years, white or colorless diamonds have received more attention and it still remains the most popular type. If you are looking for a color other than white, you can think of going for yellow or pink colored diamonds as they are also popular among modern world people.


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